Tony Lamb

Tony studied History of Art at university and trained at a bronze foundry in Devon. He began to produce his own work around 1976.

Having always been fascinated by both relief and translucence, he found a way to combine the two and in 2009, the present series of works was born. Relief lies somewhere between two and three dimensions, yet it’s impossible to say exactly where – rigorous rules exist, but they are all unwritten.

The electrodeposition of copper was first devised about two hundred years ago. The figures are formed, atom by atom, in an electrolyte whose active ingredients are copper sulphate and sulphuric acid.
The metal is exceedingly pure.

As for the stone, it is over 200 million years old, resulting from the evaporation of Jurassic seas; the subsequent compression of the salts, combined with residual water of crystallization, eventually producing the varied and mysterious beauties which we call Alabaster.