Patricia Saddington

In the 1960’s Patricia worked in a commercial art studio in London and attended St Martins School of Art. After getting married she moved to Gloucestershire and did freelance work whilst raising two children. She developed concepts for advertising campaigns using textiles and produced original designs.

It was quite a while before she renewed her interest in drawing and painting and it was the Cornish landscape and the work of artists Peter Lanyon and Sir Terry Frost that gave her the desire and understanding of the visual language possible.

Her work starts with a drawing, observing the landscape and selecting elements that interest her. The paintings are usually done in acrylics back in her studio.

“Although my ideas and inspiration come from the Cornish landscape, especially West Cornwall, people often say my paintings remind them of other landscapes, usually a place or a time that has a special meaning for them. This is not unexpected as when we look at an abstracted image we bring to it our visual memories. So for each of us it has its own meaning.”