Janet Treby (Prints)

Janet grew up in a small country village in Bedfordshire surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife which could only have strengthened her innate love and fascination for nature. A discovery of art at an early age led to a desire to explore other worldly aspects of life – the mystical and ethereal.

Realizing from the age of eleven that art was her direction, nothing swayed her focus. Studying at West Surrey College of Art and Design and from there on to the Slade School of Fine Art, during which time she lectured at her previous college and others. She went on to a long success with London Contemporary Art, and through awards and numerous exhibitions, her work is still growing.

Drawing inspiration out of everything from the human body to the metaphysical, the vast breadth and depth of Janet’s work has always been important to her. Whether of wildlife, the female form, or quite often both, the subject is always majestically spiritual and embellished with nature, giving a constantly transforming and narrative experience to the eye.

Janet now resides in rural Cornwall with her family and pets, publishing her work herself. Here she can be her most creative, close to nature and in tune with her art.