Ian Shearman

Ian specialised in sculpture at Cheltenham Art College working in stone and bronze. After leaving college he worked in the commercial world of ceramics for Royal Worcester Porcelain as a designer. He wasn’t suited to commerce, so trained to be a teacher at Westminster College Oxford. He taught for eleven years in which time he took a Masters Degree in Philosophy at Bath University.

The next ten years were spent teaching ceramics and sculpture at Homerton College Cambridge. It was there he became interested in painting and printmaking.

Ian left Cambridge in 1977 to become a full time painter and has settled in Gloucestershire where he has a studio with pottery, print and painting facilities. He spends most of his time working out in the landscape. He paints with acrylics, as it is capable of responding to the myriad of atmospheric conditions with which he is confronted.

His work has been exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, Cambridge, Bath and Oxford University and in numerous prestigious galleries in the UK. His work is also in private collections in Europe, America, Australia and the Far East.