Catherine Hoskin

Catherine is a Cornish Artist who studied at the Falmouth College of Art where she gained a BA (Hons) in Studio Ceramics in 2001 having completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Chelsea College of Art, London.

For several years she worked within this discipline producing hand built stoneware vessels. The contrasting bands of textures and colours, evocative of the Cornish landscape, were the most predominant features within her work and appeared more important to her than form or function. Trading clay for board she began to explore a new rhythm of working through painting and drawing, which has since become a preferred medium in which to work.

Her abstract work is based upon aerial views and satellite images of Cornwall and surrounding areas. She initially under paints board to create the first layer of colour and texture, and then applies several layers of gesso which allows her to carve lines and cut out abstract shapes. Following this process she paints over the surface using oils and acrylics, once dried she distresses certain areas by sanding and mark making. This process is done several times to achieve the final effect of creating natural colours that are seen within the landscape. She uses other techniques such as applying resin to certain areas of the picture; this increases the depth and quality of the colour giving a rich tactile element to the painting.

Having lived near the sea for most of her life, sensitivity to the environment is evident in her paintings. Her affection for the Cornish coast continues to inspire and motivate her as she meets the challenges of painting a changing, evolving Cornwall.